As a volunteer organization, we depend on members who give their time to the committees that keep our synagogue operating as a place of spiritual, cultural, and communal enrichment. Every committee at The Chatham Synagogue is open to member participation.

Anyone interested in joining a specific committee, getting more information on our committees, or offering recommendations for committee work, can contact the appropriate chair(s) listed below:.


The committee supervises the maintenance of the building and insures that all of the Synagogue’s property, equipment, and grounds are kept in good condition and repair.
Committee Chair: Len Grossman


Annually, the committee reviews existing by-laws, the lists of Committee Duties, and Administrative Procedures and proposes to the Board any changes that seem necessary.
Committee Chair: Mitch Khosrova


To ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the Chatham Rural Cemetery, the committee administers the Jewish section of the local cemetery.
Committee Chair: Janina Deppe

The Chesed Committee attends to the needs of members in times of illness and challenging life events.
Committee Chair: Rachel Weisman



The Chevra Kadisha is a group of Jewish men and women who see to it that the bodies of deceased Jews are prepared for burial according to the Jewish tradition of tahara (purification).
Committee Chair: Allan Nahman

chevra kadisha


In collaboration with the Board and other relevant committees, this committee creates both print and digital communications that reflect the Synagogue’s values, mission, and objectives.
Committee Chair: Linda Ziskind



The Chatham Continuing Education Committee offers an on-going roster of Judaic classes, seminars, and/or instruction for all members of the community and our neighbors.
Committee Chairs: Fran Snyder & Brenda Gevertz /

continuing education


The synagogue is committed to providing educational opportunities for young families with children according to the needs of our community.
Committee Chair: Ditte Nielsen

Youth & family Services


Managing the financial well-being of the Synagogue in conjunction with the Treasurer, the committee carries out all duties relating to the finances of the Congrega­tion.
Committee Chair: Steve Abramson



The IT Committee is responsible for maintaining and operating our audio/visual equipment for use in film events, presentations by members, and remote participation at board meetings.
Committee Chair: Steve Abramson

information technology


The committee collaborates with other local faith groups to plan and promote educational and community-building events.
Committee Chairs: Joel Merker & Steve Eidman /



The aim of the committee is to implement outreach strategies to attract new members, as well as develop programs to integrate and retain current members.
Committee Chair: Diane Eidman



Many social, cultural and educational events that serve as portals of entry into the Synagogue community are planned and hosted by the Program committee. Members also assist and collaborate with other Synagogue committees and community groups when needed.
Committee Chair: Lydia Kukoff



To shape forms of worship consistent with the tenets of our non-affiliated Congregation, the committee performs all duties relating to the religious services of the congregation.
Committee Co-Chairs: Steve Eidman & Larry Machiz /



In keeping with our mission to support tukkun olam (repair of the world) the committee presents proposals to the Board for various service projects and activities that will engage the Synagogue community, and then implements all approved proposals. 
Committee Chair: Carly Seibald

social action/
Tikkun Olam