Abraham and Sarah's tent was open on all four sides. That image has always guided The Chatham Synagogue Netivot Torah, as we seek to emulate the hospitality and inclusivity of our forbears. We strive to create an environment that feels welcoming to young and old, full-timers and weekenders, women and men, single and partnered, straight, gay, and transgendered, the intermarried, the learned and the novice — indeed, anyone who decides that she or he wants to become part of a caring spiritual community. 

To maintain the open tent, we do not require tickets or fees for the High Holidays, as so many synagogues do. Of course, contributions of any amount to TCS/NT are always greatly appreciated as they help ensure that we can continue to serve the community in the coming years.

We wish you and your loved ones a sweet, healthy, and fulfilling year.