The Chatham Synagogue Netivot Torah has chosen to be an unaffiliated congregation that serves
a diverse population of Jews in our region. As a community, we carry on the tradition of
simplicity and modesty in keeping with rural synagogues of the past. At the same time, we have
a contemporary view of that tradition. We believe in equality at the bimah, in a vital and
searching study of Torah, in maintaining the tradition of Hebrew as part of the service, and in the
ability of each individual to find his or her own meaningful relationship with Jewish culture,
heritage, and religion. We believe a synagogue should play a central role in that pursuit, that a
Jewish community is a blessing, and that being part of one is a mitzvah. 

As a congregation, we aspire to:

  • Provide a home for egalitarian religious worship in accordance with the traditions of Judaism.
  • Encourage and deepen a love and knowledge of Jewish practices, principles, and culture among our members.
  • Be a source of education for our members, future generations, and the larger Jewish community.
  • Play an active role in the larger community, both in terms of providing a Jewish presence and
    by promoting social justice.
  • Affirm our connection to Israel and seek ways to foster a meaningful relationship with it.