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TCS/NT Donations - (Dec 15th-Jan 12th)

Hallie Halpern - general donation

Lucile & Sheldon Lichtblau - general donation

Jody Porter & Gabe Wolosky - IHO the birth of Ronan Wolosky Gelb, grandson of Karen Levine & Alan Gelb and Jody Porter & Gabe Wolosky

Victor and Florence Meyers-  IHO Ed Stoler

Paula Stein - In Memory Of Ruth Ulrich

Vicki Rosenthal - In memory of Ruth Ulrich

Eric and Laurie Roth - In memory of Ruth Ulrich

Don Zaentz - In Memory Of Dorothy N Zaentz

Roberta Bernstein & Viki Sand- In Memory Of Joseph Levin

Jerold Jacobson - IMO Joseph Levin

Jacob G Israelow- General Donation

Gerry Staffin - HH Donation

Larry & Carol Singer - General Donation

Meyer Frucher - General donation

Miriam Rubin - HH Donation

Meyer Frucher - HH Donation

Brenda Gevertz - HH Donation

Allen & Irene Brill Philanthropic Fund - IHO Swersey Family

Gloria Kaufman - to honor all the joyous celebrations of my Chatham Synagogue friends - births, engagements, weddings, health healing, performances, publications, achievements, discoveries

Gloria Kaufman - IMO Joseph Levin

Fri, February 3 2023 12 Shevat 5783