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Save the Date: SummerSpritz is Back!

Saturday, August 20th, 4pm-6pm at the home of David & Linda Ziskind 

*Proof of vaccination required*

Spritz, from strong wine to icon - All About Italy

After a two-year pandemic hiatus SummerSpritz, our annual member cocktail party, is back. Once again we will feature our favorite summer cocktail, Spritz Venezianos, and tasty hors d'oeuvres.

It's an end-of-summer celebration to catch up with old friends and get to know our new members. This is an indoor/outdoor event so there will be plenty of room and ventilation.

Mark your calendars for this festive celebration for the TCS/NT Community. Please RSVP by August 13th to Lydia Kukoff.

Conversation Pieces - Yael Eban & Matthew Gamber: Living Marble

Sunday, September 11th, 4pm @ Turley Gallery (98 Green Street, Hudson, NY) 

TCS/NT members Yael Eban and Matthew Gamber have been working together on a new photographic project for the past few years and the result of their photographic collaboration is Living Marble, an exhibit opening at Turley Gallery on September 3rd.

We are grateful to them for agreeing share this exhibit with us in a special TCS/NT Conversation Pieces presentation on Sunday, September 11th at Turley Gallery in Hudson.

The photographs in Living Marble are assembled from both original and collected photographic objects, Eban and Gamber focus on marble as an aspirational material, historical signifier, and decorative commodity. The collaboration explores marble’s ubiquity from high to low art through tropes of kitsch, trompe-l'œil, and the uncanny.

Marble as a material is often faked, simulated, replicated, or reproduced. In many cases, the forgery becomes the desired version. For instance, in the 1850s a British painter named Thomas Kershaw built a lucrative career by painting faux marble in the homes of wealthy patrons. So convincing was Kershaw’s technique that his critics accused him of using real marble in place of his own handiwork. In an evident parallel, Eban and Gamber created a new technique in the darkroom of marbling directly onto light sensitive paper. The paper is then exposed to light and developed with chemistry, creating unique photographic objects made without a camera.

Since antiquity, marble has been used as a stand-in for divinity, the body, and even light—the word itself is derived from the Greek verb marmairein (to shine, to flash). As photography is a medium that collects and records light, it is the ideal analogy for Eban and Gamber to explore marble and its various recreations. Using a wide palette of photographic approaches, Living Marble intersects the materiality of marble with photography’s unique power to emulate and commodify surfaces. 

Virtual Sit/Stand/Breathe Exercise

Every Monday, 11am-12pm

TCS/NT member, and dancer, choreographer, physician-assistant Jamie Stiller is teaching a sit/stand exercise group. For the duration, the group will meet every Monday, via Zoom, from 11am - 12pm. The focus of these classes will be on building strength in your core and extremities, learning to breathe mindfully to fuel your entire body, and having fun! 

There is a $10 donation per class. Click here email Jamie and arrange payment (Venmo, checks, etc.).

Meeting ID: 898 6317 0484
Password: 953995

Virtual Yoga with Jamie Stiller

Every Friday, at 9:30am

Our weekly Yoga classes are resuming, virtually. TCS/NT member, and dancer, choreographer, physician-assistant, Jamie Stiller, will be leading the classes. There is a $10 donation per class. Click here to email Jamie and arrange payment (Venmo, checks, etc.).

Meeting ID: 825 5860 0433
Password: 953995
Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782